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Osijek-Baranja County

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Dear visitor,

As part of the Project “Osijek-Baranja County Development Possibilities”, we have created this Website aiming to attract new investment and strengthen competitiveness through concrete and accurate defining of everything that is on offer for potential investors, detailing possible issues that they might face, ways of solving these and institutions that will aid them in doing so.  

Aware of the fact that new investment is the cornerstone of economic growth and of the creation of new jobs, we have striven to create a website which will in a simple and interesting manner display our County as a reliable business partner who is, with its knowledge, abilities and resources, capable of responding to increasingly complex market demands.

The Website contains basic information about Osijek-Baranja County (investment possibilities, construction possibilities, tax system and benefits, business zones, areas of special state concern, investment financing, tenders and subventions...), as well as a string of other data which will help investors in recognising the advantages of investing in our County.

Having the right information at the right time and the right place is decisive for all potential investors when selecting a location. We would like to make this Website a central place of information and hope it will serve its purpose.


Welcome to Osijek-Baranja County.