Investment Guide

Osijek-Baranja County

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The importance of this industry is determined by its share in the manufacturing industries’ foreign trade turnover of the County. Despite the difficulties in the domestic market and demanding global market, it ranks at the top of exporting industries.

Croatian textile and apparel industry has long been a recognised partner of European and global customers. Most of their exports is based on service tasks, whose current price is low and insufficient to cover the gross operating expenses, therefore,  the factories’ managements are forced to invest constant efforts to reduce production costs, develop and manufacture their own collections and promote their own brands.

The characteristics of textile and clothing production:

labour intensiveness

•strong export orientation

•high female labour force participation in the structure of employment

•production organized in small, medium and large companies

•openness for global cooperation

•readiness to quickly respond to fashion trends

compliance with delivery periods and deadlines

high-quality workmanship, and frequently design of ready-made garments


This activity ranks bottom in terms of realised average net salaries of its employees and low profitability