Investment Guide

Osijek-Baranja County

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Osijek-Baranja County represents a significant source of raw materials for food industry due to its natural resources, but the wealth of natural resources is not followed by proper development of manufacturing industry.

Due to late settlement of war damages and completion of privatisation, a part of the market had been lost, which led to reduction in production capacity, and the lack of funding and of investment in manufacturing led to the obsoleteness of production technology.

Among numerous agricultural enterprises in the County, there are three major technologically rounded agro-industrial complexes: IPK Osijek d.d., Belje d.d., and PPK Valpovo with its traditionally known food products and bread-baking industry.



In addition to well-known companies such as Pivovara d.d.Osijek, Lura keksi d.d., IPK Kandit d.d. Osijek, Sugar Factory, Oil Factory Čepin, MIA Osijek, Đakovština d.d., very successful agricultural enterprises have recently emerged, such as PZ Osatina d.o.o. Koritna, Novi Berak d.o.o., Osilovac d.o.o., and Palčok d.o.o. Osijek with its production of traditional Slavonian “Kulen” sausage.

Food and beverage production has a positive balance in foreign trade. Difficulties in sales and product placement in the domestic market is primarily caused by market liberalisation and the uncontrolled import of highly subsidised products to neighbouring countries.